Tuesday 11 September 2018

Tune Army Ukulele Club Disbanded on Mon 10 Sept 2018

Email from Charlie Lally to Tune Army Email List:

 Just a note to say that, at tonight’s session after the summer break we briefly discussed the future of the group and the consensus of opinion was that we’d reached the end of the road as a ukulele group at Whickham so have decided to call a day on our regular fortnightly sessions at the Crown.

Of the 7 who were here tonight only 2 are from the Whickham area with the other 5 involved in other groups in the region.  It’s becoming a bit of a trek for people from Whitley Bay and Sunderland (in my case) and numbers had been dropping over the past year so it was not much of a surprise for most people.   

We’ve had some good times together over the past 10 years as a group and played many a gig in and around Whickham 

So, Barry – could you let the Crown know we won’t need to use the upstairs room anymore and thank them for letting us use it for the past few years 

I’m sure we will continue to meet up from time to time as we continue our enjoyment of ukulele playing in the region with other groups 

Onwards and upwards – keep uking!


Tuesday 18 June 2013

Meeting Venue and Dates

(Upstairs room)

The Crown,
48-50 Front Street,
NE16 4DT

Link to Google Maps

Dates: Meetings are now every other Monday, 7:30pm - 10pm

All abilities welcome!

* Meeting dates that fall on a Bank Holiday will be cancelled or re-scheduled closer to the date - see calendar for updates * 

Monday 8 December 2008

Welcome to the Tune Army Ukulele Club

Hi and welcome to the Tune Army Ukulele Club.

Just to let you know what we're about, I'll start with a bit of history of the club. Are you sitting comfortably? then I'll begin.

It was 1962 and we had all grown our Tony Curtis quiffs out in favor of the mop top, which an earlier member of ours was now sporting. He had left the Uke club a couple of years earlier to start a band in Liverpool with three of his mates, who were fabulous apparently! The last we heard of him, he had married a much younger girl who was slightly challenged in the foot department. A gold digger by all accounts, who took him for loads of cash. Who's laughing now James!

The decade wore on, and before we knew it 1969 was here. We wore flowers in our hair and played psychadelic ukuleles. The smell of patchouli oil and damp afghans was unbearable!

In roared the 1970's and after several months in rehab we were back on track. Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin were the order of the day (huge fans of ours to this day) and many uke strings were snapped in the process. We did, however, lose several members in the mid seventies to platform boot related incidents (damn you Noddy Holder and your alluring fashion ways!) but we soldiered on. The late seventies were spent jumping up and down and spitting, which led to us moving premises (the ladies at the WRVS were not best pleased).

The 1980's proved difficult years for us as our frilly shirts interfered with our playing, and hair hanging over one eye made it very difficult to read the chords, but again, we soldiered on, entertaining the troops in the Falklands and mourning the loss of one of the worlds greatest musicians (one of James' mates apparently).
The 1990's passed without event and we strode and strummed our way into the new millennium, and if you believe any of this twaddle then you are as daft as us!!!

The Tune Army Ukulele Club was actually formed in september 2008, when, after copious amounts of alcohol it seemed like a good idea.

Several of us, from all walks of life, got together and played to our hearts content. We enjoyed it so much that the club was formed. From beginners to seasoned players, and the ukulele curious it didn't matter. We were all there to learn from each other, have a laugh and a few beers on the way as well.

If you enjoy a laugh, fancy playing the uke, or already do, come and join us! What have you got to lose? (apart from your sanity, your street cred. most of your friends, possibly your partners...................)

Come and have a go if you think your daft enough!

Jeff Parkin
(Founder member)

How to find us

The Tune Army Ukulele club, is a club based in the North East of England, meeting on every other Monday each month at the Crown pub, Whickham.
7:30 PM to 10 PM, all abilities welcome.

Address :
The Crown, Front Street, Whickham, Newcastle upon Tyne. NE16 4DT.

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Honorary Members
Steven Sproat - http://www.stevensproat.com/
Harry Hill - http://www.harry-hill.tv/
Tom Courtenay