Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Tune Army Ukulele Club Disbanded on Mon 10 Sept 2018

Email from Charlie Lally to Tune Army Email List:

 Just a note to say that, at tonight’s session after the summer break we briefly discussed the future of the group and the consensus of opinion was that we’d reached the end of the road as a ukulele group at Whickham so have decided to call a day on our regular fortnightly sessions at the Crown.

Of the 7 who were here tonight only 2 are from the Whickham area with the other 5 involved in other groups in the region.  It’s becoming a bit of a trek for people from Whitley Bay and Sunderland (in my case) and numbers had been dropping over the past year so it was not much of a surprise for most people.   

We’ve had some good times together over the past 10 years as a group and played many a gig in and around Whickham 

So, Barry – could you let the Crown know we won’t need to use the upstairs room anymore and thank them for letting us use it for the past few years 

I’m sure we will continue to meet up from time to time as we continue our enjoyment of ukulele playing in the region with other groups 

Onwards and upwards – keep uking!


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Unknown said...

drat .... I have £250 worth of 'back fees & subs' to pay, who shall I give it to?